Weird & Different -Cool Stuff

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Order this number Description Quantity available Your Cost PIC1 PIC2 PIC3
Smile1 Smiley face tin w/Taffy 6oz -Huge TIN that can flip over. PS The candy inside is also smiley faces but It's been in the tin for a long time so you eat it at your own risk 2 $5.00 smile3 smile1 smile2
flowers1 BIOMAT Seeded Roll Roll out a Garden - Flowers- 100% full SUN OK! Flowers in the winter! 2 $5.00 Flowers Flowers Flowers
heart1 Heart Locket w/ chain necklace for small favorite pictures-- 4 or 8? 4 $5.00 Heart Heart Heart
lincpic A self standing Frame filled wilh Lincoln pennies Perfect gift for the people who hate pennies or Luv pennies 2 $6.50 Framed Lincolns Framed Lincolns Framed Lincolns
floppy1 Hand made FLOPPY Clock by AJ - Quartz with battery - Self standing Perfect gift for the Computer geek 2 $9.99 Floppy clock Floppy clock Floppy clock
mbclock A motherboard clock that hangs on the Wall, complete with Quartz clock & battery. 1 $19.99 Mother Board clock Mother Board clock Mother Board clock
fly1 DOOGIE Daredevil inflatable dragon fly - HUGE - very Cool and try to find one… 1 $5.00 Doobie Doobie Doobie
doll1 Coke doll -International collection DUCKLES #0333 -The Mandarin Duck Taiwan 1 $9.99 Duckles Duckles Duckles
doll2 Coke doll -International collection CanCan Cuba #0221 -The Pelican 1 $9.99 CanCanCuba CanCanCuba CanCanCuba
sp1 Coke Salt & pepper set - ALL Metal with tray 1 $29.99 Coke S and P Coke S and P Coke S and P
Re1 Reflexology MASSAGE KIT 2 $5.00 Massage kit Massage kit Massage kit
kiss1 Kissing Angels -Ring or Trinket Box 1 $5.00 Kiss angel Kiss angel Kiss angel
24volt 24 Volt fan & motor 1 $5.00 Fan Fan Fan
angel1 Huge Angel with Harp -pure whitw 1 $19.00 Angel Angel Angel
60bulb1 60 watt energy saver Bulb -- Really works 1 9.99 60 watt 60 watt 60 watt
70bulb1 75 watt energy Bulb -energy saver - 2 9.99 75 watt 75 watt 75 watt
barbie Barbie - Collector Doll - check ou the Pictures 1 40 Barbie Kit Barbie Kit Barbie Kit
hang1 Hot Gun to Hang pictures -- Never used 1 6 Hot Hang Gun Hot Hang Gun Hot Hang Gun

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