Perfect Gift for that hard to buy for Person

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All Frames include a special design stand for any desktop!
Each Note is circulated and is absolutly original.
Each frame can be CUSTOM Made for any particular person. Just email me with requirements.
Order this number Circulated notes Description Quantity Your Cost  
3792175Bank 1902 New York Bank Noted NATIONAL Currency Limited number 1 $50 pictures 1
19933574 1891 SOLD Martha Washington Silver Certificate the only First Lady to ever appear on US Currency 1 $sold pictures 2
18005 1862 SOLD Solomon Chase One Dollar Note -the first official currency issue of the United States. Came to be Known as GREEN BACKS-very low serial number 1 $sold pictures 3
T28899841A 1917 George Washington Legal Tender United States note. With columbus landing 1 $65 pictures 4
G87864601B 1928B Silver Certificate George Washington -Also know as Monopoly Money because of the back of the note. Excellent condition 1 $35 pictures 5
1957firstbuck This is a special 1957 Silver Certificate with FIRST Buck ever Made. It is for that hard to buy person. These are individually personalized so it's a special order. Complete with Frame and Desk stand. VERY cool Conversation piece 100 $20 pictures 6
250stateqrt1 There are only a few of these self standing FRAMEs are available. This is the official bag the US Mint sends $250 worth of State Quarters in when purchased directly from the mint. NOT available unless you purchase from the mint with the quarters. Only some state seals are available NH -CT PA GA NJ MA or VA - 1 $50 pictures 7
civilwar1 This is a very real NEWS paper that was sold in 1862/63 during the CIVIL WAR 1 $65 pictures 8
pistol1 An original late 1800 to early 1900 pistol powder holder -Has slight small holes - but is mostly intact 1 $150 pictures 9

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