• I have individual Coins- SETS -- ROLLs And the Best microscopes you can buy.
  • SOME with .7x to 45x Stereo Zoom with Top & Bottom Halogen light.
  • Wide Field 10x eye pieces wilh cups.
  • All Metal construction.
  • The Best Optics on the market at a price that's affordable!
  • LOTS of adapters available -35mm Camera- Ring light- 20x eye pieces - etc
    /pics/scopes/10x&30x$299_tn.jpg /pics/scopes/10x&30x1$299_tn.jpg /pics/scopes/20x&40x$299_tn.jpg /pics/scopes/7xto45xzoom$650_tn.jpg
    /pics/scopes/mini20x1$155_tn.jpg /pics/scopes/mini20x2$155_tn.jpg /pics/scopes/objectives_tn.jpg /pics/scopes/zoom7xto45x$650_tn.jpg